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  • Sarah Daniel

Vendor Spotlight: Uncle Tio Photography

Michala & Triston recently tied the knot at Deep in the Heart Farms.

These two are an amazing couple! They are fun, loving, and kind, and Uncle Tio Photography captured their love perfectly.

Deep in the Heart Farms always loves having Fred from Uncle Tio Photography out at the venue! His work is incredible! He perfectly captures every detail and continues to find amazing and unique photo op locations throughout the venue.

I mean, just LOOK at these beauties!

His work is so beautiful that we even have a photo Fred took of the venue hanging in our office!

Fred has a true gift for capturing these perfectly posed shots, but also all the beautiful and genuine memories you'll want to hold onto from your wedding forever.

Beyond his gorgeous photos, Fred is truly a pleasure to work with and so easy-going during weddings.

If you're searching for the perfect wedding photographer, Uncle Tio Photography is sure to perfectly capture every important moment from your special day!

Thank you so much to Michala and Triston for choosing Deep in the Heart Farms as your wedding venue, and happy {almost} one month wedding anniversary! We're so glad you have such gorgeous photos to look back on from your beautiful day.

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