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The Branding Wall


If you've visited Deep in the Heart Farms, or know someone who has gotten married here, you've probably noticed one of our unique features--our Branding Wall.

The Branding Wall is one of our favorite traditions (and photo ops!) here at Deep in the Heart Farms.

Let's take a look at why!

After the brand, they get to sign and date their new initial and become a forever-part of our family's venue!

The branding of the wall is a Deep in the Heart Farms tradition that lets each of our couples leave their mark on our venue.

Using either a custom brand, a family brand, or use one of the venues brands, the bride and groom brand their new initial on the wall.

After the brand, they get to sign and date their brand and become a forever-part of our family's venue!

After two years of watching couples say "I do" in our chapel, we have added almost two hundred brands to the branding wall in our Reception Hall.

171 brands and counting, the wall is continuing to grow. From custom brands to the DITHF traditional brands, each one of them is special.

Bride and groom brand their initials into the reception wall at Deep in the Heart Farms. Fire comes from the brand as the couple pushes it into the wall.
Reed Gallagher Photography

The branding wall is one of our favorite parts of the venue--in fact, our family added our own "A" brand to the wall after construction!

To see what our couples thought, we reached out and asked some of our DITHF newlyweds to find out what the branding wall meant to them on their wedding days!

" have our experience culminate with us leaving our forever mark on the wall as we exited the wedding of our dreams was absolutely priceless for us.”

"We absolutely loved being able to put our brand on the wall! It is something expressly unique to Deep in the Heart Farms and has a true Texas feel to it.

"Billy and I have been 'B2' for a long time, but it wasn't until we were planning our wedding that we really decided to embrace it as our own. We wanted our marriage to represent us becoming one, rather than just me taking his last name, and being able to use our brand to solidify our mark as B2 was extremely personal for us.

Billy and I have been with y'all since the very beginning (I can still remember Billy meeting with [Scott and Kim] on the top of a grassy hill and sending me videos of where the chapel and reception hall would be) and to watch and visit Deep in the Heart as it evolved into our dream venue has been an experience that we will never forget.

"It has felt like Deep in the Heart Farms was made for us, and to have our experience culminate with us leaving our forever mark on the wall as we exited the wedding of our dreams was absolutely priceless for us."

- Brooke Schwennsen

Bride and groom stand in front of Deep in the Heart Farm's reception hall and their classic getaway car.
Kelley Craig Photography

We wanted to design something unique that would express our identity of belonging together and uniting as one.

- Alli Spivey White

"We loved the element of adding our brand to the wall. It was just another symbol that made it feel official and getting to experience that moment with our families was incredible!

"When we were designing our brand, we wanted something that would show the joining of our lives together. The design we came up with showed just that, both of our initials connected under one last name.

"The placement of our brand on the wall is also special to us. Just to the left of our brand is that of Jeff’s sister and her husband. We love seeing both of our brands side by side!"

- Rebecca Pospisil

Rebecca and Jeff decided to make the branding wall even more special, creating their own brand (shown below) to represent their new life together.

Deep in the Heart Farms has a branding iron for every letter of the alphabet which all of our couples are free to use. If you're looking to create special, one-of-a-kind brand like the Pospisils, you're free to supply your own!

The branding wall is such an important and unique part of our venue, and it is an honor to watch it fill with the brands of our DITHF couples after every wedding.

Want to see it for yourself?

Follow the link to schedule a tour or come see us at our upcoming Open House. We'd love to see you!

Thanks for following along with the Deep In The Heart Farms journey! Is there specific content you'd like to see? Let us know!

Featured photographers:

Rachel Driskell Photography
Patti Darby Photography
Kasey Lynn Photography
Joanna Krueger Photography
Kelley Craig Photography
Madi Wagner Photography
Uncle Tio Photography
Reed Gallagher Photography

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