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The Family Behind Deep in the Heart Farms

Happy New Year from Deep in the Heart Farms!

We are excited to have made it through 2020 and completed our first full year of weddings!

Our family wanted to say a special thank you to all of our amazing 2020 (and two 2019) brides and their families.

Kaiti Moyers Photography

THANK YOU for trusting us with your special day (especially since most of you booked before the venue was complete). Thank you for being so flexible during all the craziness 2020 brought us! When starting this project, we never expected to be closed within the first 4 months of opening our doors. But despite the learning curves and changes COVID brought to the venue, we were very thankful to have successfully completed 70 weddings in 2020!

In 2020 we learned more than we ever would have dreamed!

We learned what worked well and what didn’t in the venue. From floor plan set-ups to branding our walls, we continued to learn how to improve and make Deep in the Heart Farms better--both as a staff and as a venue.

Martin H Photography

Some of the changes we made in 2020 were:

  • New curtains to improve the acoustics in the reception hall

  • The sunscreen behind the windows in the chapel

  • A new sweetheart table that was hand built by Scott and Austin!

The venue has what seems like an endless to-do list of minor improvements we hope to continue to make in 2021.

Some exciting ones we are looking forward to are new landscaping around our storage building, the installation of our parking lot signage, and continued work with our sound engineer to improve the acoustics in the venue!

As we begin 2021, our family wanted to re-introduce ourselves for those of you who are reading one of our blogs for the first time!

Deep in the Heart Farms a proud family owned and operated business!

Kim and Scott Andersen, our owners, started this project in 2018. One of our main goals was to provide an event space that made the wedding day easy for brides.

We wanted to have a venue that was well thought out from the smallest details to make each bride's special day perfect!

During our typical wedding, you can find Kim helping Allison (our venue coordinator) opening the barn doors in the chapel before the bride walks down the aisle.

And Kim is probably crying from excitement.

Scott is our honorary fill-in “golf-cart boy” and can be found driving guests to the front doors from the parking lot before the ceremony and behind the bar at cocktail hour!

Austin is always working behind-the-scenes at weddings, helping our couples brand their initials into the wall of our reception hall!

Brittany Jean Photo

Our owners love to be involved during our weddings.

Kim says that one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing a bride she gave a tour to months ago walk down the aisle and see her soon to be husband.

“Seeing that process from start to finish is such a special moment for me.”

We are so excited for 2021 and all of the amazing weddings we will have at Deep in the Heart Farms!

Our family can’t wait to continue to learn and develop our business over the next year. We are thrilled for all of 2021 brides and their families and are looking forward to celebrating their big day with them!

Happy New Year!

From the Andersens

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1 Comment

Feb 02, 2021

Anderson Family,

CT misses you and we can’t wait to visit and see you’re beautiful venue!!!! Congratulations on your first year!

Hugs, Ivy

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