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6 Wedding MUSTS on Your Perfect Day

Since opening our doors a few months ago, we've learned some things about what it takes to make your wedding day the smooth and seamless day you've been dreaming of.

We want to share with you what we've seen that works (and what doesn't really work) for our brides and grooms at Deep in the Heart Farms!


First, remember that this is your day! That means you decide how you need to relax.

For some brides, the ideal wedding-day relaxation involves chilling with their girls with a mimosa in each hand. If this is you, get it girl! Our spa-inspired bridal suite is definitely the perfect fit for you.

However, for those of us who are a little more Type A, it may help to be a little more involved with wedding day updates.

If this is more you, take advantage of your wedding party and wedding coordinator!

Send your bridesmaids to make sure the groomsmen are on time or ask the coordinator to check on the status of the cake.

We want to make your special day as perfect as possible, so if you can't relax without knowing what's going on, we've got your back!

Our day-of coordinator is here to make your special day run smoothly and to keep you in (or out) of the loop as much as you need!


So much happens the day of a wedding that sometimes it’s easy to lose track.

The best way to keep your wedding party in line is to put it on paper!

Make a detailed timeline beforehand and hand it out the morning of (or have your wonderful wedding coordinator do the dirty work 😉) to everyone that will be participating in the wedding—this means bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it also means mother and father of the bride and groom, ushers, and the parents of your adorable flower girl and ring bearer.

Your wedding party needs to be kept in the loop for things to run smoothly, so make sure to include what time your party needs to be dressed and ready and when you’re planning to do photos!


So many brides are afraid of becoming a Bridezilla that they stay a little too quiet.

I know y'all know the show I'm talking about.

BUT telling your wedding party what you want and need doesn't have to mean you're about to be cast as a We TV mini-star.

We're here to give you permission to be honest about what you want on your wedding day!

Make sure you communicate exactly what you want and exactly how you want things to look. The more specific and detailed the better!

Everyone is there to make you happy and to make your day special, but remember that they can’t read your mind.

Be sure to communicate clearly what you need—don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or to ask for help.


We can't emphasize this one enough.

Even if you only get to sit down and eat for about 10 minutes, don't forget to eat!

Nerves tend to be high for most of the morning, so you are not likely to eat much before your ceremony, and that bottle of champagne you might have had with your morning mimosa isn't going to cut it.

Once dinner comes around and drinks start flowing for you guests, join them! Your guests will understand that you need a few minutes to eat before going table to table to greet everyone.

Plus, you'll really kick yourself later if you don't even get to taste that catering you've been dreaming about for months.


It doesn’t happen very often that you are surrounded by loved ones who are all there to celebrate you and your happiness! Enjoy this day and soak up the time that you have with your friends and family!

No matter what happens throughout the day, your wedding party and guests travelled to celebrate your love.

Remember that you are surrounded by people who love and support you.

You're marrying the love of your life. Let that sink in.


Everyone will tell you that your wedding will fly by, and trust us, it really does!

Of course you want to greet your guests, but remember when we said that they love and support you? You don’t want to spend your wedding day so stressed about giving out enough “hellos” and “thank yous” that you don’t get to enjoy your day.

Don’t feel guilty if you want to step away from the guests and just enjoy the moment with your new Mr. or Mrs.! Let yourself decompress and trust that your loved ones will understand. (You may even want to try to include this special alone time on your itinerary if you’re a little Type A.)

Okay so we kind of fibbed.

We don't really have a list of 6 fail-proof tips to create the perfect wedding day with no exceptions.

There may be no fixed list of tips that will make everything Pinterest perfect, but the day that you marry your best friend is sure to be the most perfect day.

The real, tried and true advice that we have for you is:

Soak up the love that you're surrounded by.

So many people look back on their wedding as one of the most important days of their lives. This will be true whether or not the flowers are the shade that you expected or if your Great Uncle Lou takes the microphone and gives the most embarrassing toast.

No matter what, you are loved by your favorite human, and your wedding day is all about celebrating this love.

Thanks for following along with the Deep In The Heart Farms journey! Is there specific content you'd like to see? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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