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The Chapel

Welcome back to the DITHF blog!

We're so excited to show you around our chapel! So much love went into every detail of this space in order to make it unique, inviting, and a place where you can envision yourself saying "I do."

When designing the chapel, our vision was a modern twist on an old Texas church.

For starters, our chapel's bell tower isn't just for show--it's fully functioning! The church bell is a great way for a newly married couple to exit the chapel together as man and wife!

For a true Texas chapel feel, the floors are raised off of the slab to give them the same hollow sound as an old church. We love that you can hear the bride's footsteps as she walks down the aisle!

The pews might be our favorite part of the chapel. Every pew was hand-crafted in Georgia and assembled on site. Each one came in 7 different pieces and took 2 whole days to assemble! Talk about a labor of love. These gorgeous pews squeak when you sit down, and that's one of the reasons why we love them! It really adds to that old Texas church feel we wanted.

The focal point of the chapel is definitely the beautiful cross at the altar. This 11-foot cross was actually built by Scott and Austin! With the natural light pouring in from the chapel's windows, we really think it completes the altar space. This cross is two-sided, giving the bride and groom the choice between a white and a dark brown finish. And (as you know from our Bridal Suite blog post), because the Andersens love reclaimed wood, Scott and Austin incorporated pieces of an old dock from our family home into this stunning cross!

Lastly, notice the beautiful sliding barn doors at the chapel's entrance. With the bride's waiting room right at the front of the chapel, these doors hide the bride and her bridal party before the ceremony!

Now that you know a few things that set our chapel apart, click down below to take a look inside!

(You may notice that the video cuts off. That's because we have so much more to show you... but we have to wait. We're building anticipation.)

A special thank you to everyone who submitted questions on our Instagram story!

We built a Chapel FAQ just for you!

Q: How many pews are in the gorgeous chapel? And who were they crafted by 😍

A: There are 42 pews in our chapel. They were hand-crafted by Asa Conant in Georgia!

Q: How other couples have chosen to decorate it 🤍

A: Most couples choose to decorate the cross with flowers to match their wedding color scheme. Some brides have also chosen to add some simple decor to the aisle, but most don't! It doesn't need much decoration.

Q: How many people does it hold?! Thinking about having my dream day there 🤩

A: The chapel can comfortably hold between 380-400 guests! We'd love to make your day special!

Q: Where does the bride hide and where does the bridal party walk in?

A: We have a bridal holding suite at the front of the wedding chapel. After the wedding guests are seated, the bridal party will walk in from the venue. The bride can choose to join them or to wait in the holding suite. Check out the video up above for a shot of this space! Right before the wedding march, the bride and her bridal party remain hidden behind our sliding barn doors.

Q: Why is it so perfect?! Can't wait to get married in January here!

A: Thank you so much Krysta! We're excited for 2021!

Q: Wheel chair accessible?

A: Yes! The chapel is wheelchair accessible and ADA approved. The chapel has a wheel chair ramp entrance leading up to the side door of the chapel. Take a look at the route highlighted in blue below!

The photography and videography in this blog post are courtesy of Hannah at Vine & Branches Productions.

Thanks for following along with the Deep In The Heart Farms journey! Is there specific content you'd like to see? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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