Frequently Asked Questions

What does my wedding package include?

A Deep In The Heart Farms wedding package consists of a day-of coordinator and tables and chairs for up to 400 guests. We provide set-up and break down of tables and chairs. Linens are not provided for tables.

Who is the day-of coordinator and do I have to use their services?

Allison Manning of Pearls and Peonies is our amazing day-of coordinator! The use of the provided day-of coordinator is required. A pre-event planning meeting is required to be held 6-8 weeks before the event in order to finalize all details and alcohol plans. If you would like to use a wedding/event coordinator in addition to Allison, the meeting is still required and she will be onsite during your event in order to ensure that all Deep in the Heart Farms rules are enforced.

What time does my wedding day package begin and end?

You are granted access to the property at 9 a.m. on the day of your event. Access to the property is available until midnight. Items for set-up are not allowed to be dropped off at the property prior to the beginning of the wedding package start time. The storage of items after the permitted wedding period is not allowed.

What time does my reception have to end?

Access to the property ends at midnight. We recommend that alcohol sales end at 11 p.m. and that the bride and groom exit before 11:30 p.m. (if not earlier). This will allow time for clean up of personal decorations and belongings.

How many tables and chairs does Deep In The Heart Farms have?

We have 45 sixty-inch round tables, 10 six-foot rectangular tables, 10 eight-foot rectangular tables, 6 ten-foot farmhouse tables, as well as 10 high-top circle cocktail tables. All tables, except farmhouse tables, require linens. We have 400 chairs. We also have various décor tables including wine barrels for décor.

How many guests can sit at each table?

Up to ten guests (eight recommended) can sit at each round table. 120-inch round linens can be used for these tables. Six guests can sit at the 6-foot rectangles. A 90" x 132" linen should be used for each of these tables. Eight guests can sit at the 6-foot rectangles. A 90" x 156" linen should be used for each of these tables. Between ten and twelve guests can sit at the large farmhouse tables. 120-inch round linens can be used for the coctail tables if you would like to have them untied and graze the floor. If you'd prefer them to be tied, 132-inch linens work well.

Is security required?

Yes. Commissioned police officers are required for all events in which alcohol will be served. Officers will be hired by Deep in the Heart Farms; however, you will be responsible for the payment of their services. Payment for security will be collected with the final payment. Officers require a $50/hour fee and 2 officers are required for every event per Washington County Law.

Who is responsible for trash and busing?

Deep in the Heart Farms DOES NOT provide busing of dishware/glassware. You are responsible for ensuring caterers will provide busing. However, Deep in the Heart Farms will have a manager onsite on the day of your event. They will be responsible for taking out trash, cleaning up spills, and restocking bathroom supplies. They will also be able to help with any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the day of your event. Deep in the Heart managers will not do cake cutting.

Can I hang decorations?

All decorations must be approved in advance by Deep in the Heart Farms. All decorations must be placed and removed without damage to the facility. Decorations may NOT be placed or hung with tape, nails, or staples. We recommend using Command Strips. Guests who choose to use Command Strips must remove them before leaving the property the day of the event. Nothing may be hung from the wooden beams in the chapel or reception hall.

Do you have a projector?

Yes. If you wish to display a slideshow or video, please make sure that Deep in the Heart Farms has a copy at least a week before your event so that we may ensure that it works correctly. Other display options include custom monograms and the bride's and groom's names and wedding date.

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